Governor DeWine Announces Expanded Eligibility for Utility Assistance Program to help more households

Jul 29, 2022

Governor DeWine signed an Executive Order on July 28, 2022 that expands the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Program (PIPP) from 150% to 175% to help more households manage their energy bills year-round. 

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) provides eligible customers a monthly energy bill based on their income levels. The plan breaks yearly costs into 12 even payments based on the usage at the residence.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, income eligible Summit County residents may call the HEAP appointment line at 330-436-0261 or schedule appointment online at  

For your convenience, you may also complete the Energy Assistance Application on-line through this online portal

You may also drop off or mail the completed application and all required documentation at:
Community Action Akron Summit
670 W. Exchange Street
Akron, Ohio 44302

To learn more visit Energy Assistance | Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. (

Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP) | Development (