Home-Based Services for Infants and Toddlers

Home-Based Visits and Curriculum

Home visits are made weekly with a Home-based Caregiver Teacher. Parents participate in planned child activities during the home visit and are given basic information in the areas of cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional development. Parents receive information on child development and are supported in family goal setting. Parents are provided the opportunity to participate in play groups (family socialization) with their children twice a month and ongoing parent education programs that are schedule at least monthly.  

Home-Based Goals and Objectives

  • To support your child’s overall development and philosophy that YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher
  • To support school readiness by ensuring your child has the developmental foundation for successful learning
  • To share activities with you that you can do with your child during every day routines and play time
  • To provide a window into the future on what to expect your child to learn next
  • To provide ideas on the best use of toys and materials in your home.
  • To provide ways to expand your child’s play, offering him/her new challenges and motivations to try new things
  • To offer you support and tools for family well-being 

Home-Based Participation: Home Visits & Socialization

Families are expected to maintain scheduled home visits and participate in family socialization. Parents are expected to notify the home visitor, in advance, if they will be unable to maintain scheduled visits or participate in socialization.  If a family is unable to attend their scheduled visit the home visitor will work with the family to attempt to schedule a “make-up” visit that same week. Continued poor participation may   result in family being placed on wait list.

Home-Based Expectations During Home Visits

  • A home visit each week for up to 1 ½ hours
  • Parents are active participation in the home visit
  • Parents will observe the Home-based Caregiver Teacher demonstrate activities to support your child’s learning while you are playing together
  • Parents will have the opportunity to practice the new activities with your child and receive feedback on ways to expand your child’s play
  • Parents and the Home-based Caregiver teacher will have the opportunity to discuss any parenting concerns
  • Parents and the Home-based Caregiver teacher will build on the strengths of your family to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for your family
  • Videotaping may be used on some home visits to help you develop your observation skills.

Home-Based Family Socialization

Family Socialization is an integral part of the home-based program. Participation in bi-weekly family socialization is required for infant, toddlers and their families. Family socializations provide opportunities for children and parents to enjoy activities in a setting other than their home. Children have the opportunity to play in small groups with other children their age. Families can meet and build friendships with other families enrolled in Early Head Start.