Social Determinants of Health

Economic Stability

  •  Lack of Poverty
  •  Employment Opportunities
  •  Affordable / Nutritious Food
  •  Adequate Housing


  •  High School Graduation
  •  Enrollment in Higher Education
  •  Language and Literacy
  •  Early Childhood Education and Development

Social and Community Support

  •  Social Interactions
  •  Civic Participation
  •  Equal Treatment / Opportunity
  •  Successful Re-entry after Incarceration

Health and Health Care

  •  Access to Health Care
  •  Access to Primary Care
  •  Health Literacy

Neighborhood Environment

  •  Access to Foods that Support Healthy Eating Patterns
  •  Control of Crime and Violence

 Humane Environmental Conditions

  •  Access to Transportation
  •  Access to Technology